Hello, my name is Florian Pürschel (/flɔˈriːan ˈpyːʁʃəl/). I am a software engineer from Berlin, Germany. I am passionate about web development, running and design.

Currently, I am working at Menke Gerüstbau GmbH to develop a system for a digital workforce management and training for my first marathon.

Recent Runs





BMW Berlin Marathon

42.2 km

Berlin, Germany



Experience the epitome of marathon greatness amidst the pulsating energy of the BMW Berlin Marathon, a titan among global running events. As one of the largest and most prestigious races on the planet, it draws elite athletes and enthusiasts alike to the heart of this vibrant metropolis. From the iconic Brandenburg Gate to the chic boulevards of Kurfürstendamm, every stride propels runners through a tapestry of history and modernity. With a course renowned for its speed and spectacle, participants push their limits, chasing personal bests against the backdrop of Berlin's architectural marvels. In the BMW Berlin Marathon, the city's spirit ignites a flame of determination, uniting thousands in a celebration of human achievement on a truly grand scale.

Potsdamer Schlösserlauf

21.1 km

Potsdam, Germany



Step into a realm of regal elegance and sporting splendor with the enchanting Potsdam Schlösserlauf Half Marathon. Amidst the picturesque landscape adorned with historic palaces and lush gardens, runners embark on a majestic journey through time. From the majestic Sanssouci Palace to the tranquil shores of the Templiner See, each stride is a tribute to the grandeur of Prussian heritage. As participants traverse the scenic course, they weave through centuries of history, creating a tapestry of endurance and cultural richness. In the Potsdam Schlösserlauf, every step is a royal decree, proclaiming the indomitable spirit of runners against the backdrop of imperial beauty.

S25 Berlin

25.0 km

Berlin, Germany



Embark on a journey of endurance and camaraderie through the heart of Berlin with the exhilarating S25 Run. Against the backdrop of the city's modern marvels and timeless architecture, runners unite in a symphony of determination and passion. From the bustling streets of Alexanderplatz to the serene banks of the Spree River, each stride carries the spirit of resilience and triumph. As participants conquer kilometers, they forge unforgettable memories, making the S25 Run not just a race, but an unforgettable odyssey through the soul of Berlin.

Generali Berlin Halbmarathon

21.1 km

Berlin, Germany



Feel the pulse of Berlin's streets come alive as runners from around the globe converge for the electrifying Generali Half Marathon. Against a backdrop of iconic landmarks and vibrant neighborhoods, athletes push their limits, fueled by the city's dynamic energy. From the historic Brandenburg Gate to the trendy districts of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, every step resonates with the spirit of unity and determination. As the pounding rhythm of feet echoes through the urban landscape, the Generali Half Marathon becomes more than a race—it's a celebration of human endeavor and the heartbeat of Berlin.

Mall of Berlin RUN

9.0 km

Berlin, Germany



The Mall of Berlin Run offers a dynamic 9km route winding through the bustling corridors of the mall. Starting at the main entrance, runners navigate through the underground parking garage and ascend four floors. Each lap spans approximately 2.25 km, featuring numerous staircases to conquer.


Adidas Runners City Night

10.0 km

Berlin, Germany



The Adidas Runners City Night in Berlin is an annual event catering to running enthusiasts of all levels, held amidst the vibrant backdrop of the city's landmarks. Participants can choose from various race distances, including 5K and half marathon options. The event fosters a sense of community and offers a unique experience with live music and energetic crowds cheering along the route. It's an unforgettable night of running and camaraderie in one of Europe's most dynamic cities.

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