Hello, my name is Florian Pürschel (/flɔˈriːan ˈpyːʁʃəl/). I am a software engineer from Berlin, Germany. I am passionate about web development, running and design.

Currently, I am working at Menke Gerüstbau GmbH to develop a system for a digital workforce management and training for my first marathon.

Recent Runs


BMW Berlin Marathon

42.2 km

Berlin, Germany



Adidas Runners City Night '24

10.0 km

Berlin, Germany



Potsdamer Schlösserlauf

21.1 km

Potsdam, Germany



Potsdam is such a beautiful city, and I really enjoyed running a half marathon there. The weather was partly very pleasant but also partly very "oppressive." Unfortunately, the ground was somewhat difficult to run on for a few kilometers. At that point, I also fell and had a bleeding wound on my hand from kilometer 8 onwards. My pace was mostly steady. The last 2 kilometers were very tough because my legs started cramping, and I had to drag myself to the finish line. I'm looking forward to next year!

S25 Berlin

25.0 km

Berlin, Germany



We had a super smooth and pleasant race from the Olympiastadium to the city center and back. The weather was a little cooler and rainy which helped a lot. The atmosphere when entering the stadium before the finish line was just amazing and I am hyped to run it next year again.

Generali Berlin Halbmarathon

21.1 km

Berlin, Germany



I had a very tough race on the first particularly hot day of 2024, with temperatures around 27°C. The initial 8km passed relatively quickly and easily, but then I encountered dehydration issues, which made the last 3km extremely challenging for me.

Mall of Berlin RUN

9.0 km

Berlin, Germany



Ascending four floors per lap, with a total of four laps, proved to be very challenging, to the point where the actual running felt relaxing. Overall, I'm pleased with my time, and the atmosphere was conducive to running despite the relatively small number of participants (around 500, I presume). It served as good preparation for the Berlin Half next month.


Adidas Runners City Night '23

10.0 km

Berlin, Germany



It was a very pleasant atmospheric run through the city center of Berlin. The ambiance was fantastic, and the race itself was quite enjoyable, even though I ran it at a slower pace. The track was crowded due to the large number of runners on a relatively small course. I'm eagerly anticipating the next race! 🎉

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